Pregnancy confirmed!


Today the vet confirmed Sansa's pregnancy! We are very much looking forward to our S-litter of Moos and Sansa expected around april 17th 2019. Click here for more information.


Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy (JME) & Degenerative myelopathy (DM)

Both Sansa and Naru were already JME and DM free by parentage. But to be absolutely certain we had them tested by Laboklin laboratory and the results were as we expected; both free of JME and DM.


True love by Sansa and Naru


New photo's of Cuba and Sansa


CACIB Bleiswijk

Judge: Mrs. V. Phillips
* Naru, first time in Juniorclass, 3 EXCELLENT
* Sansa 3 EXCELLENT Intermediate class

X-ray results of Sansa

The best possible score for hips (HD-A), elbows (0/0) and shoulders (0/0) for Sansa. 


RRCN clubshow 2017

Judge: Mrs. V. Moyano
* Sansa, 2 EXCELLENT and selected for best movement!


CACIB Eindhoven

After a long showstop it was time for Cuba to hit the showring again. In a class of 7 males he gained 4th EXCELLENT! Sansa made her debute in Juniorclass and got Very Good today.


Winner Amsterdam


* Sansa, 2 Very Promising!


CACIB Bleiswijk


Judge: Mrs. Hallf- Van Boven
* Sansa, 1 Very Promising, BEST OF BREED PUPPY!


RRCN Clubshow 2016


Today was a very good and very hot day at the club show organised by the RRCN!
First the very first experience of Sansa in the showring. She was the youngest of the show and did so very well and was placed 4th Very Promising!
After that is was time for my boy Cuba to hit the showrings again. He was perfectly handled by Hanna Vesterinen but unfortunately not the judges cup of tea and received a Very Good. It was so nice to finally meet some of my Facebook friends in person especially Hanna Vesterinen and her family and it was great seeing Cuba's breeder Olga Syalmova again.