Shayela Kinuka Ngwani Ravira ·Kiya·

Over Kiya

Kiya, the oldest dog in our household. Sweet, lazy, food addicted Kiya. Rather stays on the couch then going for a walk these days, but that's oke. She is the mother of 2 litters in our kennel; the Pink-litter (2013) and her second and final litter, the Rock-litter (2014).

Never do i need to worry about Kiya, she always stays close to us. Taught the dogs that came after her how this household works and especially how to behave. She is a dog that really needs her own space and decides for her own when she wants attention.


Geboren: 2010-02-27
Geslacht: Teef
Vader: Ch. Arengo Essence of Haika
Moeder: Shayela Ravira Ngwani Shangara
Heupen: A/A
Ellebogen: 0/0
OCD: vrij
Gewicht: 40 kg
Hoogte: 66 cm
Gebit: compleet scharend

Blue Dilute: D/D vrij
DM (SOD1):
N/N vrij

N. de Ruyter (kennel Shayela)
Eigenaar: I. Dekker